The Upper Yarra Community Enterprise (UYCE) owns and operates the franchises for the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches. It is run by a voluntary board of directors drawn from the local community and has as its mission the advancement of economic prosperity and a vibrant, resilient and sustainable Upper Yarra community – through banking and beyond!

Of Profits are reinvested back into our community
Why Community Banking is different?

  • A competitive range of banking products and services.
  • Locally owned and operated by the community for the community.
  • About returning profits to more than 600 local shareholders integral to our community bank success.
  • Local business at its best, keeping money in local economies and employing local people.

Community banking is quite simply one of the most effective and major ways by which things get done in our community.

Why? Because we reinvest up to 80% of profits back into the community and since February 2000, we have provided more than $4 million to community-based projects and organisations via our Sponsorships  program. Name another business that does that?

Community Banking is based on a ‘profit-with-purpose’ model, which means our profits are returned directly to the community that has generated them – people living in postcodes 3799 and 3797 – that’s you!

We call this ‘shared value’ and this is a foundation of our Community Bank model. We are owned by our shareholders who are members of our community.

Our shareholders agreed to receive up to 20% share, leaving the remaining up to 80% for reinvestment in the community. (In big banks, 100% of that profit is returned to shareholders who could live anywhere, but in Community Banking we are different.)

That’s where the money comes from and that’s how we’ve been able to put more than $4 million back into the community. Simple, isn’t it?

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How we help you

We help you with:

  • Funding for things that matter
  • Advice for community groups and activities
  • Support for bigger community projects

We help schools, sporting clubs, theatre groups, community organisations, welfare groups and countless other projects that are part of your life and loved by your family and friends. We’re part of it all.

We provide the services of a Community Development worker and a Community Liaison officer to assist community groups with their sponsored activities and to create new ways for communities to thrive. We recognise how much is only made possible with the help of volunteers and we are here to support our most valuable resource – you.

Through our sponsorships program we provide financial support that, for example, gets projects off the ground, builds vital infrastructure, brings people together and help to make our communities better places for everyone. That’s more than $4 million of investment that could not have happened any other way. And all we do is because of you!

And we do more than that. We invest in major projects that support the prosperity of the town. Projects such as the Waterwheel precinct, Warburton Valley CEDA and the Warburton Cycling Hub are important projects for our towns, and our community.

How you help contribute to your community

 You help by doing your banking with one of our branches:

  • Open accounts
  • Establish or refinance a home loan
  • Move your accounts to our branch
  • Take up insurance, investment and financial planning offers
  • Apply for sponsorship funding

Every account that you open, every loan you take out, every insurance policy or other product you purchase from your Warburton or Yarra Junction Community Bank branches contributes to the accumulation of funds we can then redistribute to community projects via sponsorships and other investments. (And remember you need to give your accounts a home at your local branch to benefit your local community.)

So there’s a simple reason to bank at your Community Bank branch – because it means something you have to do every day actually benefits you and your community every day.

For further information on all our banking services visit the Bendigo Bank official website.

How it all works


  • Own and operate Community Bank branches under franchise
  • Distributes sponsorship funds


  • Provides banking products and services

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