Company Announcements

The Directors of Upper Yarra Community Enterprise acknowledge the importance of market integrity and the disclosure of material information in a timely way and in a form that is accessible to investors.

15 January 2018 – Director and Acting Chair Appointment
At an Extraordinary Meeting of the Board, former Director and Chairman Rodney McKail was welcomed back to the Board and elected Acting Chairman. Rodney has accepted the Acting Chair role on the basis it will be reviewed in three months.

5 January 2018 – Director Resignation
The Board regretfully accepted the resignation of Jaqui Hall. Jaqui tendered her resignation with sadness and thanks to all those who had shared her experience.
Jaqui was a Director for more than ten years, prior to which she led the Steering Committee to open the Yarra Junction Community Bank(R) Branch. The Company and the wider community are extremely grateful for Jaqui’s invaluable contribution.

5 January 2018 – Director Resignation
It is with great regret the Board accepted the resignation of Director and Acting Chair Joy McConachy. Citing increased work and family commitments, Joy tendered her resignation with “a heavy heart”.
The Directors wish to express enormous gratitude to Joy for her contribution and particularly for taking on the role of Acting Chair following the sudden death of former Chairman Peter Kimberley.

8 September 2017 – Company Registration
The Board announced registration of a new Company of which Upper Yarra Community Enterprise is the sole shareholder. Upper Yarra Community Power Pty Ltd will continue planning and delivery of a Micro-Hydro Electricity Project on the grounds of the Warburton Golf Course.

28 August 2017 – Dividend Announced
At the Board’s Monthly meeting the Directors resolved to pay a dividend of 5.5 cents per share as follow: Ex-Dividend 22 September, Books Close 29 September, Payment 12 October 2017.

31 July – Acting Chair appointed
At the Board’s Monthly Meeting, Deputy Chair Joy McConachy was elected Acting Chair.

18 July 2017 – Chairman’s Passing
The Board announce with great sadness the passing of the Company’s Chairman Peter Kimberley.

9 May 2017 – Share Buy Back
Please be advised that we are currently meeting official notice period requirements with ASIC and anticipate the sale going through on 19 May 2017.
Payment will be issued via direct debit to your nominated account on or about 19 May 2017.
Thank you for your patience.

30 September 2016 – Financial Report 2016
We are pleased to provide the 2016 Financial Report to our shareholders. Read here

13 September 2016 – Dividend Announcement

We are pleased to announce a fully franked dividend of five point five (5.5) cents per share. Payment will be made to shareholders on 13 October 2016. (Ex-Dividend date is 23 September, Books Close or record date is 3 October.

15 September 2015 – Dividend Announcement

We are pleased to announce a fully franked dividend of six cents per share. Payment will be made to shareholders on 15 October 2015. (Ex-Dividend date is 28 September, Books Close or record date is 5 October 2015).

5 November 2014 – Warburton Caravan Park

On Wednesday 5 November the Company lodged a tender with Yarra Ranges Council for the purchase of the Warburton Caravan Park freehold and two adjacent leasehold land parcels. Details of the submission are commercial in confidence. Notification of the successful tenderer is expected in February 2015.

2 September 2014 – Dividend Announcement

We are pleased to announce a dividend of six cents per share. Payment will be made to shareholders on 8 October 2014.(Ex-Dividend 24 September, Books Close 1 October).

Buying or Selling UYCE Shares
Upper Yarra Community Enterprise operates an ASIC-approved Low Volume Market (LVM) for the trading of its shares. The LVM is essentially a list of buyers and sellers who have registered their interest in trading shares. It is the responsibility of buyers to contact sellers and or vice versa, UYCE does not become involved in the share trading transactions but is able to assist with the process if necessary.

All the documentation you need regarding the Low Volume Market including a trade history is available here

Please take the time to read the Special Market Conditions Notices and the Special Characteristics of Community Bank Companies.

Changing Shareholder Details

The Share Register of Upper Yarra Community Enterprise is professionally managed by AFS Bendigo Pty Ltd. Any changes to Shareholder Details must be communicated to AFS.

Please note; changing your details with Bendigo Bank does not change your details on our share register, they must be notified seperately.

All necessary documentation to modify your information can be dowloaded from the AFS website

For personalised assistance please contact Geoff Vickers, Company Secretary on (03) 5966 9028 or email