A satisfied community enjoy banking with us!


A satisfied community enjoy banking with us!

We already know how wonderful our customer service officers are in our Yarra Junction and Warburton Community Baroy morgan brandnk branches, but its nice to see in this recent Roy Morgan survey that 50,000 people agree!

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve just been awarded our third consecutive Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Business Bank of the year award.

Roy Morgan awards are regarded as the most accurate and reliable measure of customer satisfaction in the country judged by over 50,000 consumers.

It’s a huge honor but we’ll continue to strive to improve our business offering and retain the wonderful support of our loyal customers. We’re working hard to ensure that businesses banking big or small with your Bendigo Bank/Community Bank  is the only way to go!

Pop in for a chat with Darren, manager at the Warburton branch, or Adam, manager at Yarra Junction to make your own banking better for you and your community.