Caring for our local wild life


Caring for our local wild life

The Upper Yarra Wildlife Rescue Network is a not-for-profit group of volunteers in the Upper Yarra region devoted to the rescue and care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Our sponsorship has helped them to get set up with vital equipment and be out where it matters, on the roads and into the habitats of our local fauna.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dale May, team leader, moved to Warburton last year and quickly found there was a need for rescue services that she could fulfil. There is now a team of five volunteers on call and the rescue headquarters is home to a range of animals including possums, wombats, native birds and many other animals in need.

Rehabilitated animals are returned to their environment or assisted further by the Healesville Sanctuary. Weather extremes are challenging for our native friends. During a stretch of four very hot days, the team travelled in excess of 500 kilometres attending to thirty ringtail possums, two koalas and two kangaroos. Some of these animals need months of care, including three hourly bottle feeds and lots of cuddles. Wet weather and slippery roads also create high demand conditions for animal rescuers.

You can support the Network by making a donation towards running costs, medications and much needed equipment, join the team at the Warburton Bakery every Saturday at 9am for a coffee and chat, or like their page on Facebook.

The Network will be offering workshops in what to do if you find sick or injured wildlife for the best possible outcome for you and our friends. Pop the rescue number into your phone today and don’t hesitate to call if you find a distressed or injured animal. The Rescue Hotline is 0427 088 121.