Sponsorship Highlights


“Because of Bendigo Bank Community Contributions, the Warburton Up and Running Fun Run continues to provide our community with an event that promotes running as a wonderful inclusive outdoor recreation pursuit and showcases the beauty of Warburton as one of Australia’s best destinations for recreation and leisure.” -Lesley Grimes, Warburton Up and Running Fun Run

Yes to Respect

”Yes to Respect, the newly formed group which organised a march to promote respectful relationships and the prevention of family violence in the Upper Yarra, are extremely grateful to Warburton and Yarra Junction Community banks for their support and contribution to the campaign’s success.  As a result, it is planned to continue with it annually.”
-Nicole Bechard, Coordinator YES TO RESPECT


“It meant a lot to us to be supported by UYCE/Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Banks. Their support allowed us to add the family ride, the Piccolo Giro, to the Giro Della Donna weekend, and make it free for all to participate in. The smiles on kids’ faces as they dressed up their bikes, got their faces painted and rode out for some serious fun with family and friends was the highlight of the Giro Della Donna! Our sincerest thanks for getting behind us and behind the community”. -Michael Hands, Event Organiser, GIRO DELLA DONNA CYCLING

The River Folk Festival

"We would like to sincerely say a huge thank you to Bendigo Community Bank Warburton and Yarra Junction for their generous support of The River Folk Festival from 2018-2020.  The Bank has provided sponsorship support for the event for the last 3 years, since its inception in 2018 and the Festival would not have been possible without it.  The sponsorship funds have been critical in meeting the production requirements for the core of the Festival - but also contributed greatly to the Youth Music Mentoring Program, allowing the Festival to provide mentoring opportunities for local young performers.  The contributions from the Community Bank have allowed us to grow the scope of the Festival, still in its early years, and have provided a crucial solid base from which to develop this event alongside the local community.
Thank you, sincerely, for the generosity and support offered to The River Folk Festival. It means so much to us and has allowed the event to grow and develop in the last 3 years - and we would not have been able to achieve so much without this support."
-Sam Watson, Director, THE RIVER FOLK FESTIVAL


"A big thank you to the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise; proudly supporting the Warburton Film Festival for over 15 years." -Vivienne Bond, President, Yarra Ranges Film Society

FOOD PARCELS, ADRA Redwood Community Centre

“I am retired and living off some savings so I have very little money. ‘Chewsday Bite’ every Tuesday helps me enormously. It means I get to eat good healthy food. Kate and her team of volunteers are wonderful. They are kind, caring and very supportive. I don’t know what I would do without their support. So thank you ADRA and thank you to all the other organisations that kindly donate.” * Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches provided sponsorship during the Covid19 pandemic

THERMAL CAMERA, Yarra Valley Bee Group Inc

“Yarra Valley Bee Group would like to thank June and the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches for their help and the generous sponsorship of our Flir Thermal Imaging Camera. YVBG is a not-for-profit community group educates the community on bee welfare and safety; new bee keepers on how to look after their bees; and the bio security of pests and diseases. As YVBG removes bees from inside home cavities, we use the thermal imaging camera to locate the centre of the hive, so as we can remove the bees with minimal damage to the property. We are most grateful for the support as we would have been unable to purchase such an expensive piece of equipment without it.” -James Dawes, Yarra Valley Bee Group Inc * Image is of a beehive in the garden taken by the camera, showing the 'hot spot', which is what helps us to determine where a nest of bees are in a house to enable a more efficient removal


"Thanks to the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Banks a new path has been constructed leading from the 9th tee, across the bridge of the creek towards the 9th green. All players (members and public green fee players) can now walk safely and with confidence along this well constructed path. A great improvement on clambering over slippery grass with their buggies. Thank you very much again for your ongoing support". Ken Barratt (Secretary), Warburton Golf and Sports Club


“Cire Services Inc. congratulates Upper Yarra Community Enterprise for its continuous generosity and vision in supporting our local communities. Cire values its strong relationship with UYCE whose sponsorship has enabled Cire Children’s Services to deliver its popular Gumboots playgroup. Gumboots is vital in helping strengthen the health and wellbeing of our community - emotionally, socially, educationally and physically through play and interaction with others. Gumboots offers inclusive opportunities for children, and their parents/carers, to learn and connect socially and develop strong support networks.” -Sandra Bucovaz, Partnerships and Funding Manager, CIRE SERVICES INC


“Who would have thought we would still be going 10 years later? Thank you UYCE for helping make it happen”. • Claire Bamford, Catprint Theatre Company


"Sending a massive thank you to the Community Bank Warburton and Yarra Junction for your continued generous support in helping us to run the much loved 'Warburton Summer Produce Market' during summer 2020. The coordinators, workers, stall holders, performing artists, volunteers, tourists and local community are so grateful for everything that is provided in order to keep running this special event. We couldn't do it without you!” -Leanne Arvanitakis-Hall, Market Coordinator and Melanie Wilson, Market Assistant Warburton Summer Produce Market