Our community consist of many organisations

Community Groups

Our community consists of many different groups and organisations.

Here is a list of useful links for  your group including statistics for a sponsorship application to an organisation or funding body, application advice, information on  report writing and general information on who we are as a community.

Community Development and Leadership is an important and unique service that we provide to the Upper Yarra region.

The focus of this service is:

  • To strengthen community leadership and capacity through supporting local groups, organisations, community projects and individuals in the course of their activities.
  • To increase participation and empowerment of residents in local organisations, groups and projects, in decision making processes.
  • To strengthen local organisations’ capacity to become more self sufficient and engage in self advocacy.
  • Develop and maintain strategic alliances with stakeholders – community, local service providers, government agencies – that facilitate access to resources, information, and other support that can strengthen organisations’ continued sustainability.
    To represent and enhance the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise’s on-the-ground participation in relation to the above.

Some examples of the work initiated by UYCE Community Development include:

  • Volunteer Program Development at the Waterwheel
  • Second Bite Food distribution
  • Photovoice
  • Facilitation of Youth Foundation Upper Yarra
  • Photographic Calendar Exhibition
  • Youth Initiative Award
  • Youth Scholarships
  • Youth Skatepark in Warburton and many other projects in development

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Community Bus for hire

Do you need to hire a small bus for an outing?

Community bus for hireDid you know we have our own community bus?

The Warburton and Yarra Junction District Bus is owned by the Upper Yarra Community and is available for hire.

21-seater, turbo diesel – from $30 per hour including GST.

If your church, school, community group or private function is based in the Warburton-Yarra Junction district, you can use it!

All you need is a “Light Rigid (LR)” endorsed licence or
alternatively a driver can be arranged.

Information and bookings: 0437 095 327

Early booking is essential so you and your group are not disappointed!

Waterwheel Gallery supports local artists

Expressions of Interest are invited from artists who wish to hold an exhibition in ‘The Gallery’ at The Waterwheel, Warburton.

Exhibitions in the gallery will be booked in three (3) week blocks throughout the year and those who live in the postcode areas of 3799, 3797 and 3139 will be given preference. However, we invite outside exhibitors to submit an expression of interest as there will be one opportunity per quarter for artists outside of the area to exhibit. Group exhibitions are also welcome.

The Waterwheel is a multi-use Centre located in the Warburton Main Street and houses the Visitor Information Centre, The Environment Discovery Centre, Warburton Valley Handmade and The Gallery.

Local people frequent the Centre as well as thousands of tourists every year who are attracted to the building for local information and activities in the Centre and in the town.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful works of our local artists on display in this iconic building.

For further information contact the Warburton Waterwheel on 5966 9600.


Warburton Community SpaceThe Warburton Community Space opened in October 2013 with the generous support of the Warburton & Yarra Junction Community Bank branches who have provided seed funding.

The space, located on Dammans Rd, is being run by the community, for the community. It offers free hire, or nominal fee hire, to community groups and organisations in the Upper Yarra area, and also boasts a registered kitchen and coolstore that can be hired for commercial use.

The Warburton Community Space is a not-for-profit venture that relies on donations and fundraising for its continued sustainability.


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