Community Development

Community Development

Community Development and Leadership is an important and unique service that we provide to the Upper Yarra region.

The focus of this service is:

  • To strengthen community leadership and capacity through supporting local groups, organisations, community projects and individuals in the course of their activities.
  • To increase participation and empowerment of residents in local organisations, groups and projects, in decision making processes.
  • To strengthen local organisations’ capacity to become more self sufficient and engage in self advocacy.
  • Develop and maintain strategic alliances with stakeholders – community, local service providers, government agencies – that facilitate access to resources, information, and other support that can strengthen organisations’ continued sustainability.
  • To represent and enhance the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise’s on-the-ground participation in relation to the above.

Some examples of the work initiated by UYCE Community Development include:

Volunteer Program Development at the Waterwheel, Second Bite Food distribution, Photovoice, Facilitation of Youth Foundation Upper Yarra, Photographic Calendar Exhibition, Youth Initiative Award, Youth Skatepark in Warburton and many other projects in development.



Suyin Chan is our Community Development Worker.

She can be contacted on 03 5966 9028 or via email: