What’s our Hometown Advantage?

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What’s our Hometown Advantage?

presentAs the holiday season approaches, it’s timely to think about how where we shop and bank affects the prosperity of our community. Here’s a challenge – can you do all your Christmas shopping locally this year? Could you go an entire week buying essentials within 20 kilometres of your home?

What are the benefits be of staying local? Here are some local life facts:

  • Every $1 spent is worth more than ten times that to the local community
  • 50-70% of every dollar spent locally recirculates in the local economy
  • Local businesses employ local people
  • It’s easier to know where things come from and how they are made
  • Fresh items will be fresher and travel fewer kilometres to get to you
  • Buying local supports the character and uniqueness of our towns, their producers, artists, innovators and small business owners
  • You’ll know the people you are dealing with, and that’s a good thing because they are very likely to have an interest in your community because it’s theirs too!

Communities can be sustainable when everyone shops local.  And it’s the same for banking. See you on the main street!

Inspired by www.liveshoplocal.co.uk