LOOK FOR THE LITTLE THINGS BY PAM, 2024 Calendar Comp Winner


Winner of the Judges’ Choice Category with “Look For The Little Things” Pam shared with us the story behind her mystical submission.

Pam says, ”The title I gave it really encapsulated the moment I wanted the viewer to be transported to. We’re often out rushing around looking at big things and we sometimes forget to look down and appreciate the smaller things.”

Taken at the bottom of Pam’s Garden she was positioned close to the ground to capture the photo and she “was just there at the right time.”

“I was walking around the garden looking at what there might be to see. Those little toadstools come up every autumn. The sun was behind them, and I was looking at the little things.”

Pam’s image depicts an otherworldly array of golden, green and tawny hues, the image transports the viewer to an Atlantis of toadstools, mulch and leaf litter.

“In that moment the toadstools just looked beautiful with the sun behind them, and I was there with a camera to capture it.”

Pam’s love for photography has been a long-lasting passion. “I think it was my grandmother who bought me my first Kodak Brownie camera and I guess that started me on the road to taking photographs.” For Pam, photography is a family affair, my husband and I love travelling and we go everywhere with our cameras.

And reiterating her fondness of the competition Pam said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for people to put their photographs on display. it’s lovely for everybody to share in those experiences and I’d really like to say thank you to everyone involved in running it.”