Recent recipients

It’s another busy year for UYCE! Here are some highlights from recent sponsorship rounds.

This year's Sponsorship funding to date
Community groups and projects have benefited from sponsorship this year

$2470 – Quarterly Crafternoons

Now in its fourth year, the Quarterly Crafternoons event, held at the Arts Centre in Warburton, has become an essential meeting point for craft enthusiasts from the valley and beyond. With free craft classes (and free materials thanks to our funding) and one of the best afternoon teas you’ll find anywhere (shared by all), the afternoon attracts the young and the young at heart, children to grandmothers. A display table of recent work by attendees brings colour and inspiration to the event and timeless crafting secrets shared.

$1800 – Women’s Group for Change

Redwood Community Centre is an essential part of the support service network in the valley and provides a helping hand in times of crisis, or when needed. This funding will pay for a qualified counsellor to run a series of sessions for women who have life circumstances that are undergoing change. To be run initially as a pilot, we hope to see this vital service extended well into the future.

$3000 – Youth Drop In

The Youth Drop in program runs on Monday afternoons and provides relaxed group time for regular and intermittent members aged between 12 and 15. This ongoing services helps create connections, and increase the access young people have to support services they might need. This funding will be used to develop a program where youth can learn new skills including for example self-defense, manga art and song writing.

$14256 – Cancer Treatment transport

Linc Church Services have, for many years, provided an important service driving cancer patients to and from their treatments. Drivers are volunteers and we help out with petrol and associated costs to ensure that all people, in a time that can be emotionally and financially challenging, can make their way to the care they need, especially when services are far away or in the city.

$1416 – CFA Yarra Valley TRIP

One of the great activities on the outdoor adventure calendar in the Warburton Valley, Up and Running is a long standing fun run that takes in the sights and terrain of our exquisite scenery, flora and fauna. With short circuits up to a mini marathon there’s something for everyone and every year 1000 people participate in this event. We provide sponsorship funding to help with the organisational costs and all profits from this event are returned to great service organisations in our community such as the CFA and the SES

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$2200 – ADANAC Turbo Camps

Ever year during school holidays ADANAC offer the Turbo camping program to primary and secondary school age children in the valley. Funding helps them provide subsidised places for local children who might otherwise not get to attend and participate in a host of amazing outdoor activities, including canoeing, aqua trampolining, archery, high ropes and more. But more than the fun activities, the camp provides for relationship building and self-esteem development and kids benefit by learning vital life lessons that will see them through.

$2250 – Redwood Fitness Group

This popular Friday morning fitness group is open to anyone in the community for a small gold coin donation. A local fitness instructor helps people find their way back into exercise in a setting that is social and fun. The Redwood Community Centre has a gym set up and wide open spaces along the Yarra River to help people of all ages and stages get active and enjoy more in life.

$2000 – The Gawler Foundation

Vital healthy vegetable juices are an essential part of the life, wellness and cancer management programs attended by hundreds of people each year at not-for-profit organisation The Gawler Foundation. Participants have 3-5 juices a day and a commercial juicer, designed to cope with such large volumes, will be of great assistance to the kitchen staff who lovingly prepare them each day.

$4000 – Warburton Christian Playgroup

Form babes in arms to five year olds, this playgroup provides a safe and supported space for families with young children to gather, share stories and fruit and have fun learning while playing. The playgroup also provides parents with a chance to make new friends and connect to other services that might be helpful in their parenting journey. Ngaire and Alan do a wonderful job of creating a warm and inviting space for little ones, who delight to come along, at a time when early intervention can make all the difference for future learning.

$3000 – Community Bank Up and Running Warburton Fun Run

TRIP is a program designed for young drivers that gives an insight into what happens to road crash victims and shows the far reaching effects of road trauma. It is a realistic and honest presentation delivered by the very people who respond to the crash scene and know first-hand the devastation caused.
Our sponsorship helps to run a FREE community event and every young driver or learner is encouraged to attend. As the organisers say: If it makes just one person think about their actions, it has been successful.