Scholarship 2016 – Meet Zak Gilsenan

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Scholarship 2016 – Meet Zak Gilsenan from Big Pats Creek

Bachelor of Global Studies/Commerce degree at Australian Catholic University

Zak Gilsenan

Zak Gilsenan

Zak is enrolling in a double degree as a stepping stone to a career in business. He has enjoyed being part of school productions and has been awarded for his academic achievements at school. He has particularly enjoyed taking part in leadership roles, mentoring and peer support roles at school and also volunteers at the Redwood Community Centre.

He completed a Cert III in Retail Services while at school and has shown he can balance competing demands on his time while building a solid foundation for a wonderful future. He got his first part-time job at 15 and hopes to maintain some work among the demands of university and commuting.

For Zak, the Scholarship will help him overcome his biggest hurdle to further study, that being the financial pressures of getting set up to be a student with books, travel, fees and other expenses all requiring a large upfront commitment. No doubt his love of business will see him tackle university life with similar commitment.

All the best Zak!