Being Seen and Heard: Boy to Man – a photographic series of our young men


Local photographer Kate Baker is helping young men realise their voice and their value through a unique series of black and white portraits. The project, which features young men aged between 15 and 19 years of age from Upper Yarra Valley schools, sporting clubs, theatre groups and community groups, is highlighting the unique role young people play in our community, and their thoughts about today and the future.

2017-barneyreilly_cmyk-15cm_1 2017-Ollie_cmyk_15cm During the portrait session, young people can talk about what matters to them.  Kate positions her large format camera so it does not come between photographer and subject. This provides for a meaningful and authentic exchange, evident in the portraits and in the hopes and dreams discussed.

Kate says, ’I’ve been amazed by the deep thinking of the young men I have photographed. They care for their environment and have a love for where they live – and for each other. They recognise the influence of Social Media in their lives and the need for connecting beyond screens. They speak of the need for more kindness in the world and are accepting of diversity. Marriage equality and social justice are important to them.‘

The project benefits the community by providing young people with a greater sense of self and the important role they play in our society, and by giving voice to their ideas and identifying shared values and concerns.

The portraits will be exhibited as a ‘paste-up’ mural on the blue wall near the supermarket in Yarra Junction. ‘The portraits will both physically and symbolically embed our youth in our community,’ says Kate.

kates pasteup low resMore than twenty portraits will be on display from June for as long as they last. Participants will help in the installation of this unique outdoor public art exhibition.

We are proud to partner with Cire Services Inc and other supporters of this project by providing Sponsorship funding of $3200. Funding will be used towards exhibition costs, materials, artwork and promotion.

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