Touring our town – Finding new ways to explore and stay healthy


What makes a healthy, happy community? Great recreational opportunities, especially those for unstructured activities such as walking and cycling, are key to a ‘good life’ and the Upper Yarra Valley has much to offer its residents and visitors.

In fact, in a recent survey, 97% of Yarra Valley people said that they had participated in walking on a monthly or greater basis in the past 12 months.

While we might have our preferred regular walks to go on, it’s great to consider what else is out there, and good quality information and maps are essential when exploring the hills and valleys where we live.

In conjunction with Warburton Valley Community Economic Development Association (CEDA) and Yarra Ranges Tourism, Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank®  branches have committed to funding support for a significant Trail Mapping project.

Chris Ord, our project organiser, grew up in Warburton and is excited about what trail mapping will mean for the development of adventure tourism in the area. ‘The project will, for the first time, provide detailed information regarding the diversity, challenges, accessibility and proximity of the many trails in our backyard.’

From the popular to the lesser known, whether you’re a walker, hiker, cyclist, paddler, horse rider or trail runner, this project will provide a comprehensive overview of the trails that make our part of the world so special – not only for us, but for the many potential visitors that will come to stay and play.

Walking and cycling maps and information (including photos and videos) will be made available via the website, other digital platforms and will be included in a regional guide map.