Two million ways to help a community grow

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Two million ways to help a community grow

In June the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank® branches, which are community owned banks operated under franchise by the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise, provided its two millionth sponsorship dollar to the people of the Upper Yarra.

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Since 2000, the enterprising community bank has contributed to many events, organisations, clubs and projects in the area with the aim of developing community life and supporting progress in the region. Geoff Vickers, the Executive Officer, is proud to see how sponsorships have helped to shape the townships.

‘If you walk down the main street of Warburton, the work our towns people can do with sponsorship funds is evident. The Waterwheel and the Tourist Information Centre, the sports and recreation facilities for football, cricket, netball and bowls and the beautiful walks and resting places along the Yarra River are all examples. And in Yarra Junction, the Upper Yarra Community House childcare centre kitchen renovations, Ben’s Shed and the Workskills Centre have benefited from our sponsorship support.’

The local supporting locals approach is the foundation of the community banking model. ‘Sponsorships that build community life are made possible through the simple everyday choice people make to bank at our Community Bank,’ says Geoff, a long-term local.

The people of the Upper Yarra can celebrate the $2 million milestone and the two million ways in which it has helped, and will continue to help, our community grow.

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