Useful Links for Volunteers

Useful Links for Volunteers

Volunteering Victoria

This organisation is useful for all sorts of information for volunteers and for organisations that operate with or manage volunteers. It also has links to other volunteer networks and programs throughout Victoria.

You can become a member, however the free option gives you limited access.

There are also links to grants on this site and information and discussion on a number of topics related to volunteerism, including the upcoming changes to the Equal Opportunity Act as it applies to volunteers.

I Can Do That* – Volunteering Portal
This site has been developed by the Department of Planning and Community Development. A group is able to register their details and then advertise for volunteers. You will need your ABN or Incorporation details, email address, name and contact details, Insurance policy numbers to get started.

There is also a range of resources available, even if you do not register – templates for annual reports, policies, media tips, volunteer management, induction and training, communication templates, etc.

If you would like to register your organisation, and are having difficulty, please call UYCEL and we can help you set it up.

Yarra Ranges Council
Volunteer Xchange

This is the Yarra Ranges area volunteer exchange. Your community group can join and advertise positions for volunteers for your group. A monthly update is emailed out to members of Volunteer Xchange to keep you informed about what is happening.

Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau Inc
This is another volunteer resource with plenty of useful information. They have developed a great resource: Way2Go Volunteering toolkit for volunteer management, which costs $150 and contains an array of templates, and a step by step guide to good volunteer management for organisations.

Volunteering Australia
Useful site for resources to assist volunteer groups manage volunteering, templates, etc. There is plenty to choose from!

Yarra Ranges Community Directory
This database is useful if you want to find out about other organisations. It can be searched either through keywords, e.g. accommodation, health, or by the name of the organisation. In most cases the link gives contact details such as phone number, email address, and site address.

There is also information on peak bodies and other organisations of interest relevant to people in the Yarra Ranges area.

If you wish to register your organisation in this database, you can do so through emailing your request in the link in the Contact us tab.

Our Community
Our Community is a social enterprise which provides access for community groups to a wealth of information relevant to the community sector.

To join is free and you can also register your organisation in their community directory. There are numerous topics covered such as grants, finding workshops, training, lesson banks, policy banks and tools and resources both free and to purchase.

Our Community publishes the Easygrants Newsletter once a month which lists all current grants available during the month in a wide range of fields such as community services, the arts, environmental, infrastructure, youth, health and more from philanthropic trusts, corporate and government. This particular newsletter is a paid subscription.

The website is a great source of information for community groups and well worth a look:

Department of Planning and Community Development
This State Government department has a major role in managing growth and development and is involved in the task of building stronger communities.

There are many grants offered through this Department that cover a wide range of issues such as Community Development, Heritage, Youth, Seniors, Sport & Recreation, Disability, Indigenous, Veterans. It is an easy searchable site.

GrantsLINK Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government
This is a Federal Government website with grants listed under a number of categories such as Business and Industry, Education & Training, Environment & Nature, Information and Communications, Community & Society.

These are not direct links to grants available at the time, but have information about which government department is issuing the grants and the links to the specific area. Please read carefully as some information is old and no longer relevant e.g. grants were from last year or are closed

Probono Australia
A useful site if you are seeking probono professionals to help with a project. Register your organisation, and follow the instructions to apply for Volunteer Match

Grant Guru Community
Another site that lists all government grants that are available in a broad range of categories. It can be searched by keywords or area of interest. It is simply laid out and indicates if the grant round is open or closed and whether it is national or state specific.

Effective Engagement Kit
The Department of Sustainability and Environment have produced a 3 Part Kit about effective engagement, building relationships with community and other stakeholders. This may be of use if you are looking at ways to engage people in a project or program. Part 3 has some great ideas about methods for finding out from your community their ideas, their opinions and more. The set is downloadable from their website at:

Infoxchange, Serviceseeker and Green PC
This site has lots of information on available services Australia wide, jobs in the community sector, and other useful resources for community groups and individuals.