A Wellspring for Community Health


The Wellspring is a community wellness collective that opened its doors at the end of July in the newly renovated ‘old CFA’ building on the main street of Warburton.

It is a gathering space for cultivating growth, wellness and positive community that offers a range of services such as yoga, mindfulness, counselling, psychology, acupuncture, pregnancy and birthing support, and more.

Belinda Lloyd, together with a collective of six passionate individuals, has spent more than twelve months transforming the space into three practitioner rooms, a yoga studio, breakout space/kitchen, indoor garden and flexi-space. The collective has been further supported by around one hundred people from the community, who have donated time, skills, funding and more to the initiative.

Local tradespeople and local artists have added their own special touches with timber feature walls, artworks and render designs providing a uniquely Warburton feel.  The philosophy that everyone involved ‘be well in the process’ has added another layer of beauty and energy to this delightful space.

One of the first projects to be undertaken by The Wellspring is to research and publish a comprehensive community guide to health and wellbeing services in the region.  This will further enhance The Wellspring’s role in the community as a central point for all people to enjoy improved access to information about services and practitioners in the region. Plans are being put in place to roll out a range of subsidised or funded services such as community yoga, free meditation and mindfulness sessions.

The Wellspring is open every Monday for locals and visitors to pop in and say hello or ask questions. There will be services available at The Wellspring 7 days a week depending on practitioner timetables and workshop activities. Room hire is also a possibility.

A full yoga and mindfulness timetable will commence from Monday 9 October. We have been proud to contribute funding to this project and offer our congratulations to all involved.

Grand Opening – Saturday 30 September

For more information: www.wellspringwarburton.org.au