Geoff Vickers Youth Scholarship

“The high cost associated with tertiary study can have a significant impact on a young person’s ability to further their education and some may not get the chance to achieve their academic dreams without some help.” Peter Kimberley, Chairman, UYCE Ltd, 09/2012-18/7/2017

The Upper Yarra Community Enterprise is committed to supporting and investing in our young people and local youth-led and focused projects that help make a real difference in the community.

An initiative of UYCE Ltd this Scholarship program is made possible through the generous support of Community Banks Warburton and Yarra Junction and was first awarded in 2014.



APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN for the 2024 Scholarship Program

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Midnight Sunday 28 January 2024

APPLY HERE: 2024 Community Bank Warburton & Yarra Junction - Geoff Vickers Youth Scholarship for Tertiary studies

RECIPIENTS ANNOUNCED: Late February on our Facebook page and Website




Our Scholarship program continues to help young people in the Upper Yarra pursue and realise their academic dreams. We aim to provide support for expenses that might otherwise dissuade our young people from taking the leap towards tertiary education.

  • Scholarships are awarded to full-time or part-time, first year undergraduates studying at an Australian university or TAFE (Diploma or Advanced Diploma) for the first time.
  • They are for a 1 year duration.
  • Scholarship values can range from $1000-$5,000.
  • Applicants must be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident; AND must live, study or work in the Upper Yarra region as defined by towns with postcodes 3799 and 3797.

Our Scholarship program can support the following study related expenses – accommodation costs, course costs, study-related materials/equipment, textbooks, tutoring and /or education related travel (within Australia).

Applications are reviewed and recommended by our Selection Committee, with final endorsement from the Board of Upper Yarra Community Enterprise Ltd.

About Geoff Vickers

Geoff Vickers

  • Warburton Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank, Steering Committee Member 1998-1999
  • Warburton Community Bank, Board Director, 1999 -2019
  • Company Secretary, 2002-2019
  • Executive Officer, Upper Yarra Community Enterprise Ltd formerly Warburton Community Financial Services Ltd 2006-2019

Geoff’s involvement with Upper Yarra Community Enterprise Ltd (formerly Warburton Community Financial Services Ltd) which franchises the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches, extends some 20 years from 1998 to 2019.

Geoff has been at the forefront of key milestones including and not limited to: the opening of our Yarra Junction branch in 2008, 10 year Birthday Celebration of our Warburton branch, the role of our Community Bank in the establishment of Upper Yarra Community Power (mini hydro power scheme); the role of our Community Bank in the support extended to the operation of the Warburton Waterwheel Visitor Centre.

To honour his contribution, dedication and commitment to UYCE and the Branches the Youth Scholarship has been renamed the Geoff Vickers Youth Scholarship commencing 2019.

Honour Roll – Geoff Vickers Youth Scholarship

Congratulations to all of our Scholarship Winners, and good luck to all the aspiring Scholarship Winners out there!
We know that recipients will make their community proud, acquire valuable skills and may in time bring these back to our Upper Yarra community.

Please read more about these individuals below.


Scholarship Recipient


Katelin Harrison

Sophie Gray

Emily Hay

Brodie Voce

Amy Morris


Jenny Morris

Ayla Tsoumbakos


Ashlee Shotter

Chelsea Szabo

Laura Jayne


Chelsea Neale

Indiya Bosen


Caitlyn Muir

Cody Dunne


Abigail Szabo

Braden Taueuber

Rachel Lee

Ebony Lily


Mary McIntosh

Talitha Boone

Sebastian Northey


Sarah Bamford

Chelsea Barnard

Zak Gilsenan

Brigid Peeler


Kaitlyn Whitelaw

Sarah Enery

Georgia Martin *2nd year support


Georgia Martin

Scholarships 2023

Following their Academic Dream, with a little help from Community Bank Warburton and Yarra Junction.

Five shining stars from the Upper Yarra region will each receive a $2,000 Geoff Vickers Youth Scholarship to assist with their First Year Studies at Uni or TAFE in 2023.

That is a total of $10,000 made available to assist our Youth with the cost of pursuing tertiary studies.

We congratulate our five deserving recipients and wish them Good Luck with their 2023 tertiary studies!

The five recipients are:


Katelin Harrison                        Sophie Gray                            Emily Hay                           Brodie Voce                          Amy Morris

Katelin Harrison, from Gladysdale

Studied at Lilydale High School, enrolled for First Year Bachelor Degree of Nursing / Bachelor of Paramedicine at the Australian Catholic University

Sophie Gray, from Launching Place

Studied at Upper Yarra Secondary College, enrolled for First Year Diploma of Nursing at Box Hill Institute of FAFE.

Emily Hay, from Warburton

Studied at Upper Yarra Secondary College, enrolled for First Year Double Degree Science at Monash University.

Brodie Voce, from Millgrove

Studied at Upper Yarra Secondary College, enrolled for First Year Bachelor Degree of Nursing at Federation University Australia

Amy Morris, from Wesburn

Studied at Upper Yarra Secondary College, enrolled for First Year Diploma of Sport and Coaching Development at Latrobe University.

Scholarships 2022

Two Scholarship Recipients in 2022!


Both graduated from Upper Yarra Secondary College, and both are undertaking Bachelor Degree courses at Deakin University.

Jenny and Ayla each received $2,500 Scholarships to support them in their first year of study.

We congratulate Jenny and Ayla and wish them every success in the pursuit of their academic dreams!


First year Bachelor of Science Degree, Deakin University


First year Bachelor Degree Nursing, Deakin University

Scholarships 2021

We are pleased to announce ‘JOINT RECIPIENTS’ of the Geoff Vickers Youth Scholarship 2021. 

LAURA JAYNE, Warburton

First year Bachelor of Arts Degree, Victoria University

ASHLEE SHOTTER, Launching Place

First year Nursing Diploma at Box Hill Institute


First year Bachelor of Design Degree, Melbourne University

Our Congratulations Are Extended to Laura, Ashlee and Chelsea.

We wish them all the best to pursue and realise their academic dreams!

Pictured from left to right: Laura, Ashlee and Chelsea

Scholarships 2020

Chelsea Neale, from Powelltown, will be studying a Diploma of Community Services at Box Hill TAFE and has a keen interest in fostering community and metal health. Chelsea has been an active member of the Yarra Junction Netball Club, achieving ‘Volunteer of the Year’ in 2018, and several best and fairest awards. She is also an umpire and mentor to junior players. This Scholarship will assist her in travel expenses to and from TAFE in Lilydale, study materials and the purchase of a computer for her coursework.

Indiya Bosen was our other recipient of a 2020 Scholarship. She says: “Ever since I was in primary school, I have wanted to be a doctor. I knew it would not be easy to get into this field, but I have worked hard right throughout my schooling and I am very happy and proud to have received a high enough ATAR to get into my first preference at university for 2020. To get into Medicine, I am required to do a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and once that is finished, I will sit an assessment which will determine whether I get into Medicine (a further 4-year degree). I have decided to do a double degree (Bachelor or Biomedical Science & Bachelor of Science) in 2020 to give myself more options of employment or further study, should I not get accepted into the next phase. It is my intention to work extremely hard, attend all lectures and classes and to take full advantage of all resources offered to me by Monash University.”

We wish Chelsea and Indiya the very best in their chosen field of studies and look forward to hearing about their progress.

Scholarships 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to Caitlyn Muir and Cody Dunne who were both awarded a Scholarship from the Warburton & Yarra Junction Community Bank branches for 2019.

They were presented with their scholarships by Neil Jorgensen, one of our volunteer Board Directors.
Caitlyn will be attending the University of Melbourne, undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree with plans to go into a Masters of Education. She hopes to major in Literature and Psychology.
Cody will be going to La Trobe University undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Screen and Writing.
We wish both Caitlyn and Cody great success in their chosen fields.
Pictured from left to right: Denise, Caitlyn, Director, Neil Jorgensen, Cody and Ben.

Scholarships 2018


Braden Taeuber              Abigail Szabo                  Rachel Lee

Abigail Szabo completed an incredibly full year in 2017, which included completing an International Baccalaureate. She has been offered a place at Monash University to begin her Bachelor of Laws (Honours). Abigail says “My vision is to either become a lawyer or work in a career where a law degree is applicable, such as in the corporate or human rights areas.”

Braden Taeuber completed Year 12 with SEDA College in 2017 and plans to study a Diploma of Sports Development and a Diploma of Leadership and Management at Swinburne. Braden hopes to complete this double Diploma in partnership with the Richmond Football Club and is keen to take up any volunteer opportunities with the Club, hopefully in data analysis.

Rachel Lee will be studying a Bachelor of Arts/Masters of Teaching (Secondary) at Deakin University. Rachel says “I intend to go to university to enable me to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a secondary school teacher. I have a passion for helping others, and promoting the importance of young people’s engagement, voice, opinions and actions.”

Ebony Lily will be studying a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) at RMIT. “In the future, I aspire to work as a human resource manager, as I feel that’ll be a very good use of my abilities and skills. I hope to accomplish this through dedicating myself to my studies 100%, and embracing all opportunities that come my way.” Ebony said.

Scholarships 2017

We’re pleased to announce three very worthy recipients of our Scholarships 2017 program. Please join us in congratulating Miss Mary McIntosh, Ms Talitha Boone and Mr Sebastian Northey, all from the Upper Yarra Valley.

All three candidates will be setting off for their first year at university with the financial support from the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches and we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate them and wish them well.

These young people will be studying:

Mary McIntosh

Mary McIntosh

Miss Mary McIntosh – Bachelor of Education – Primary and Secondary Health and Physical Education – Monash University (Peninsula campus)

Mary has just completed her schooling at Upper Yarra Secondary College where she has been an inspiring College Captain and leader within her school community.

She has lived in East Warburton since she was three years of age and has wanted to be a teacher all her life. Her passion for sport and the outdoors together with her interest in health have led her to pursue a career in teaching and she is keen to help her future students achieve positive change and success in all they do.

Talitha Boone

Talitha Boone

Ms Talitha Boone – Bachelor of Outdoor Education at La Trobe University (Bendigo)

With a background in volunteering, missionary and humanitarian work, Talitha and her family worked internationally before settling in Warburton more than 10 years ago. Talitha has been an exemplary student achieving outstanding results at the Mountain District Christian School. Her passion for the environment has led her to a future in outdoor education and wilderness work, with conservation of the environment a high ideal in her working and personal life. She would love to help people from disadvantaged circumstances.

Sebastian Northey

Sebastian Northey

Mr Sebastian Northey
– Diploma of Digital Interactive Media, RMIT (Melbourne)
Homeschooling and distance education have provided Sebastian with the time and space to pursue his love for art. Honing his skills in drawing through his studies in Visual art, Sebastian now has the passion and drive to establish a career in the field and is particularly interested in Interactive and Digital Media. He appreciates the opportunity he has to study and work in a field unique to his personality while making an exciting contribution to this emerging area of artistic vocation.

Our Scholarships program helps young people in the Valley realise their academic dreams. We aim to provide support for expenses that might otherwise dissuade our young people from taking the leap towards tertiary education.

We know these three fine young people will make their community proud and in time will bring valuable skills back to the Upper Yarra Valley. Well done everyone!

Scholarships 2016

Four students from the Upper Yarra area received a great boost to their education as recipients of the Scholarship 2016 program, provided by the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank® Branches.

The four students are: Miss Sarah Bamford from Warburton, who will commence a Bachelor of Nanotechnology at La Trobe University, Miss Chelsea Barnard from Warburton, who will commence a Bachelor of Nursing at Australian Catholic University, Mr Zak Gilsenan, from Big Pats Creek who will commence a Bachelor of Global Studies/Commerce degree at Australian Catholic University and Miss Brigid Peeler, from Millgrove, who has enrolled in a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services at Victoria University. 

Scholarships 2015

Community Bank® announces 2015 Scholarships for not one but THREE local students

Chairman Peter Kimberley and  recipient Sarah Enery

Chairman Peter Kimberley with Scholarship 2015 recipient Sarah Enery

Upper Yarra, Tuesday, 10 February 2015: Three students from the Upper Yarra area have received a great boost to their education with today’s announcement of the recipients of the Scholarship 2015 program, provided by the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank® Branches.

The three students are: Miss Kaitlyn Whitelaw from Gladysdale, who will commence a course in Paramedicine at the Australian Catholic University, Miss Sarah Enery from Wesburn, who will commence a Diploma in Youth Work at Box Hill TAFE and a second year of support for Miss Georgia Martin, from Millgrove and last year’s scholarship recipient, who enters her second year of studies in Psychology at Deakin University.

All three students showed exemplary commitment to their studies in a range of challenging circumstances and demonstrated need that financial assistance would help ease the demands of travel and accommodation expenses incurred in studying away from home.

Warburton & Yarra Junction Community Bank® Branches Chairman Peter Kimberley said supporting students towards tertiary study was part of the branches’ commitment to building a stronger Upper Yarra community.

‘’Our Community Bank® Branches are proud to support this Scholarship program for a second year, as part of our ongoing community investment program.”

“In meeting these three dedicated young people in our community, I am reminded of the quote that young people are about one-fifth of our population but one hundred percent of our future.”

2015 Scholarships recipients

L to R: Yarra Junction branch Manager Adam Whitworth Georgia Martin, Emily Martin, Director Sarah Forbes, Kaitlyn Whitelaw and Tina Whitelaw.

The future for these three locals is now off to a great start.

The Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank(R) branches are committed to supporting youth through various initiatives, including our annual scholarship program for youth in our community . Scholarships will be awarded to full-time/part-time, first year undergraduates studying at an Australian university or TAFE (Dip or Adv Dip) for the first time.

Applications for the 2016 scholarship program will be released in December 2015.

Scholarships are awarded on the recommendation of our selection committee.

2014 Scholarship - Miss Georgia Martin

Georgia Martin - Scholarship recipient

Georgia accepts the scholarship with her mum, Emily

Georgia Martin has just enrolled in a Bachelor of Psychological Science degree at Deakin University, Burwood campus.

“The scholarship will help me with starting-out expenses including textbooks and a new computer, and will also support me with travel and living away from home expenses. The commute from Millgrove to Burwood was going to be a four-hour round trip, so this scholarship will really help me be closer to uni and spend my time studying rather than commuting,” said Georgia when she and her mother Emily Martin (pictured) visited the Warburton Community Bank® branch to be presented with the cheque.

Warburton & Yarra Junction Community Bank® Branches Chairman Peter Kimberley said supporting students towards tertiary study was part of the branches’ commitment to building a stronger Upper Yarra community.

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