Meet our 2022 Scholarship recipients

Meet Jenny Morris

JENNY MORRIS, Wesburn pictured with Kristy Sumner, Senior Branch Manager

First year Bachelor of Science Degree, Deakin University

“I was delighted to receive your email that I had won one of the Geoff Vickers Youth Scholarships. I am extremely grateful for this scholarship as it will help me greatly with the cost of my studies.

I hope to have a career in wildlife conservation, where I can assist work efforts in protecting animals as well as educating people in the ways that they can protect our wildlife.

I am excited to be taking the first steps towards this, working especially hard during my last two years at Upper Yarra Secondary College, to achieve great marks and secure a place to study for a Bachelor of Science degree at Deakin University.

Special thanks to Community Banks Warburton and Yarra Junction for their financial support during my first year.”  

- Jenny Morris, Wesburn



First year Bachelor Degree Nursing, Deakin University

“I have studied hard at school for 6 years as I was very determined to become the first person to go to university in my family.  I had become an enthusiastic student and put myself into many extra-curricular activities that my school, Upper Yarra Secondary College, offered.

I aspire to complete university and become a registered nurse.  I believe that I can put my passion into a career where I have background knowledge, helping others that have been through medical issues like me, and to be the kind, generous nurse that I was treated by when I was in hospital for my illness.  Completing this university course would give me a huge opportunity to grow and become someone bigger and to help people that have been through the same issues as me.

Receiving this Scholarship means the world to me – recognition and financial support to assist me in fulfilling my dream.  Thank You Community Banks Warburton and Yarra Junction!”

- Ayla Tsoumbakos, Warburton