Judges' Choice – Cement Creek Mt Donna Buang by Finn Saurine

Our TENTH year, and what a special one it was!!!

We had an amazing collection of images to showcase thanks to the contributions by members of our Community.



Judges’ Choice


Cement Creek Mt Donna Buang

Finn Saurine

Runner Up

It’s a Cold Winter

Rose Sherriff

U18 Winner

Busy Bee

Emily Brown

U18 Runner Up

Little Yarra Girl

Pearl Saurine

People’s Choice

(Voting by the public)


On the Top

Dylan Schafter


Sunset Mountain

Paige Harvey


Crossing Over

Livinia Mace

Community Bank Staff Choice

Warburton Branch Staff

Drain Frame

Heather Walker

Yarra Junction Branch Staff

Lil’s Kingfisher

Rachel Flanagan

Highly Commended (Combination of Judges’ and Public Voting)

Highly Commended


Isabel Gathoni Kinyanji-Howard

Highly Commended

Macleay’s Swallowtail Sipping on a Buddleja

Ray McMahon

Highly Commended

Rail Trail Junction

Carolyn Peeler



And a few words from our Winners

I don’t really know what to say. To be honest I wasn’t really expecting to win much or anything so to wake up and realise that I had was pretty cool. Apart from panicking about the fact that I suddenly forgot how to correctly enter my address and having to ask my parents if it was correct, this is something I have achieved all by myself. And to put my work out there for basically anyone to see is really not something I would have seen myself doing. But against all my overthinking (and there was a lot 😂), I took that step. And I got a reward. I didn’t come absolute first and that’s okay, I wasn’t in it to come first, I was just trying achieve something worthwhile. And I did. So I am happy. I guess that’s something to be proud of.
-Pearl Saurine, Judges’ U18 Runner Up

Delighted to receive your email and thanks for again providing the opportunity to be involved. The photos and calendars are always great and I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to be involved and to see all the entries, diverse, bright and colorful as always, online over lockdown.

Best Regards

- Carolyn Peeler, Highly Commended

Wow thank you so much for the awesome news! I’m am delighted! And I’m so happy to be able to share my photo with the community.

- Livinia Mace, People’s Choice Third

"It was so wonderful to see that one of our Cire students Dylan Schafter won the People’s Choice category in the Community Bank’s calendar competition. At just 16, he is already kicking goals to realising his dream to become an AFL sports photographer and his calendar success shows he is a talented all-rounder. "

- Gus Seremetis, Cire CEO on Dylan Schafter People’s Choice Winner

When I received the email I was shocked to see how much support I had gotten from the community. For a few years now I have been entering this competition and I would never be awarded for being part of it. Winning to me means a lot as I've been interested in photography for a while and I would never be noticed for it till now which inspires me to continue my journey within photography. The main inspo behind Sunset Mountain was to capture what was once a day that had ended in a haze of beauty. Thank you all for the support much appreciated.

- Paige Harvey, People’s Choice Second

Thank you so much for your email. I'm delighted and honoured that the public and judges loved my photograph. That scene no longer exists as the recent storm took out most of the trees on that road. I'm so glad that my community will get to see it as it once was.

-Isabel Gathoni Kinyanji-Howard, Highly Commended

Wow thank you so much! I’m honoured to be recognised for the photo I submitted by the judges. I don’t actually have a printer at home so I’ll print the form off at work on Monday and send it through.

Thanks once again!

- Finn Saurine, Judges’ Choice Winner

Thanks again to Bendigo Bank, yourself and the team for the opportunity to participate in a fun and interesting community event.

I look forward to seeing the 2022 Calendar later in the year!!!

-Ray McMahon, Highly Commended

Thanks so much! I am very happy to have my photo published.

-Emily K Brown, Judges’ U18 Winner

So excited about winning!

-Rachel Flanagan, Yarra Junction Branch Staff Choice

Home school mum here haha!!

How exciting!! Thanks so much for the news. So happy to be a part of projects that showcase the beautiful place we live in.

-Heather Walker, Warburton Branch Staff Choice