29186744_1804509209599732_8059967827043418112_o[1]A cornerstone of the Community Bank model is the sharing of profit with the community. Since opening the Warburton branch in February 2000 more than $4 million has been invested  in community organisations and projects.

Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches invest up to 80% of profits back into the community through sponsorship and donations.

Sponsorship is offered to organisations with the view to supporting an event, activity or organisation by providing money or other resources that is of value to the sponsored event, activity or organisation. Sponsorship is a way of increasing brand awareness, communicating key messages and increasing the customer base.

Sponsorship proposals are assessed on their capacity to benefit the community and to promote Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches.

Individuals are not eligible for sponsorship. Retrospective sponsorship for any event or activity is not available.

The next round of Sponsorship applications will close in 16 February 2020.

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This year's Sponsorship funding to date

If you would like to submit a sponsorship proposal complete this form to start the process.

If you need to provide additional documentation with your proposal you can attach it to the form or send it to sponsorship@upperyarra.net.au using your project’s name as the reference.

For assistance with your proposal or to discuss other funding options for your community group please contact us on 5966 9028 or email sponsorship@upperyarra.net.au

Please note: Outcomes of sponsorship proposals will be notified approximately 3 weeks AFTER the round has closed.

New proposals will not be eligible until previous funding has been satisfactorily acquitted.

Submit a Sponsorship Funds Acquittal Form here.

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