Warburton’s Nordic celebration

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Warburton’s Nordic celebration

Return of the Vikings

viking on streetFor one weekend in May, Warburton is overrun with Vikings. Now in its third year, the Nordic Festival, a not-for-profit cultural celebration of all things Scandanavian, is hosted by Warburton and is a unique national event that brings tourists to the region and the Viking out in the locals. Organiser Leila Myllmymäli-Hay says, ‘Warburton provides a stunning backdrop for the festivities and its backdrop feels like home for many Scandinavians.’

Sponsorship has helped this event not only become established but show steady growth from year to year. ‘The sponsorship we received from the Community Bank® allowed us to plan more activities such as the Lantern Parade and after-party, and involve community members such as Sioux Dollman who offered a lantern making workshop that was attended by over 70 people,’ says Leila.

More than 3000 people attended the program of events, which brings many benefits to local businesses and tourism providers. ‘There is a sense of unity in the town during the weekend. Local cafes and restaurants offered Nordic delicacies and locals attended many events.

This year the Community Bank® sponsorship also funded the Tipi Kata, or reindeer herder tents, which were set on the rail trial and provided a magical venue for musical performances and the opening night celebration dinner – a real highlight.

‘The parade along the main street on the Sunday was a favourite with the children and it was great to see some locals marching along with the Vikings,’ says Leila. ‘Events such as these are only made possible by the generous support of sponsors.’